Local non-profit to highlight teen dating domestic violence with inaugural awareness walk


Flawed Masterpiece is a local non-profit that spends time empowering and educating the youth. Members are introducing teens to the impacts of domestic violence before it becomes apart of their lifestyle.

 “I had no voice. Now that I’m able to talk about it and speak about it from my healing, I really feel that it’s important that our community knows about it,” said Taylar Francis, Founder of Flawed Masterpeices Inc. 

She experienced domestic violence in her past. She describes her purpose now helping the youth.  “One and every three teenagers are in a relationship dealing with domestic violence. The age starts at age 13,” she said. 

It was her passion of mentorship that led to her to create this non-profit that tackles many issues. With teen dating violence, it’s helping them acknowledge the warning signs. “Controlling where you go. Controlling what you wear. Sometimes controlling who you talk to. Your friends. Next step is cutting you off from the world,” Francis added. 

The organization highlights promising practices and gets hands-on with the lessons. “Going through my trials and tribulations as a kid up to an adult, and I see the change. So I know the type of change and impact we can make into our community and youth,” said Zachary Lazard, the operations manager. 

They believe teens don’t seek enough help and are inspired to break that cycle. break the cycle. “Yes there’s domestic violence with adults but, there’s also teenagers that are in situations that follow them into adulthood,” said Francis. 

“Grabbing something and taking it into there personal lives and applying it to their personal lives and saying, I can make a change,” Lazard added. 

Flawed Masterpiece is holding its Inaugural Teen Dating Domestic Violence Awareness Walk  February 9th at Brown Park from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. 

The non-profit also plans to partner with the Louisiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence. A follow-up seminar will take place, featuring guest speakers. 

Register for the walk by visiting their website, https://www.flawedmasterpiece.org/

The organization is also looking for those interested in the mentorship program. 

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