LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — Local musician, Abraham Oyelowo, 35, was diagnosed with stage two gastric cancer two years ago. He says the diagnosis came after being tested for severe abdominal pain. After rounds of tests the results were life changing.

“I heard what he told me but after that I just kind of went blank,” he said.

At the time Oyelowo was a full time musician and father. He traveled back and forth with his church and local Zydeco artist Chris Ardoin. The diagnosis also required him to travel to New Orleans several times a month for treatment which forced him to slow down.

“It just became too much then gas prices started sky-rocketing. My son and my daughter needed things and I was like I can’t do this,” Oyelowo told News 10’s Danielle Johnson.

Oyelowo kept his diagnosis a secret for six months. He says it was hard to accept it as the man of the house. He was used to always being so strong.

Oyelowo says after he began to tell his story more help became available. His band members and other supporters decided to host a Zydeco benefit concert. All proceeds will go towards helping Oyelowo get back on his feet.

“It’s kind of overwhelming because it’s like wow it’s love. It will be a joyous event. I’m excited to know that people are coming. It’s a blessing,” he said of the event.

The fundraiser takes place July 17 at El Sido’s Zydeco and Blues Club in Lafayette. The fundraiser and benefit dance will feature several local Zydeco artist. Doors open at 2pm.

A GoFundMe has also been organized to benefit Abraham “A.O.” Oyelowo.