ACADIA PARISH, La. (KLFY) A local charity organization drove 19 hours to help flood victims in Michigan.

Dwayne Richard, founder of Dwayne’s Dream Team, caters to those in need with clothing, house hold items, and food.

Richard’s wife saw a post on Facebook about homes destroyed in Sanford, Michigan.

“A levee breeched in Michigan and my wife just wanted to do something for those people,” Richard said.

After his wife expressed her desire to help, she, Dwayne and their family spent two days helping out a rescue team.

“So we took all the extra clothing that we had from the drive we had for the Church Point folks and we set up something with United Way here in Michigan and brought all those extras out here along with a little southern hospitality,” Richard continues.

The dream team cooked southern meals to help service about 500 people.

“We cooked supper yesterday for the locals, some of them were volunteers, some of them were actual residents. Then again for lunch today, we cooked another meal. Yesterday was jambalaya and today was a chicken and sausage gumbo,” he said.

The charity organization has three storages filled with household items and furniture.

Richard says he wants to give back to those who need it most.

“We just felt the need to come here because they’re initial needs of clothing are now satisfied. Now when they get all their living arrangements settled, we will go ahead and give furniture to them.” he continues.

Dwayne’s Dream Team is taking donations to send back to flood victims in Sanford.

You can donate to their cause here.