Local grocery stores are taking precautions against coronavirus


KAPLAN, La. (KLFY)- Local small businesses are following large businesses in limiting customers inside their stores.
Several businesses in Kaplan are implementing social distancing guidelines.

At Larry’s Super Foods, they’ve taken precautions against the coronavirus to help protect their employees and customers.
“Our employees are doing a good job. They’re tired, but I have a lot of dedicated people. This community is really great. They’ve been reacting well to everything we’ve put into place,” owner of Larry’s Super Foods, Travis Roussel, said.

He said the story has also added extra cleaning hours. Larry’s Super Foods has also installed Plexiglas shields on their cash registers, and placed stickers on the floor representing social distancing guidelines.​​

“We just started something new today,” explained Roussel. “We started counting people in our business. We’re allowing 30 people in at a time. We’re counting at the door, and as of this morning, everything is running smooth. Everybody’s complying and no complaints.”​

Roussel, added, “We’ve also added extra cleaning hours. Usually, we would clean the store one time a day. Now, we’re cleaning it three times a day. We actually have a worker that is just here to clean from Monday through Friday. She’s off on the weekend, but on the weekends, the managers take over, and we do try to do those extra cleaning hours for them.”​

Another precaution, all employees at Larry’s have to wear masks.​​

“We’re going to do the best that we can for the community. We’re going to try to stay as safe as we can with our masks, and we’re sanitizing every possible chance that we get,” said Garett Roussel.​

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