LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)– Local food pantries are struggling to keep their shelves stocked as more people look for help.

Second Harvest Food Bank is the main source of food for local pantries throughout Acadiana.

They are responsible for stocking shelves at over 25 food pantries.

Regional Director Paul Sceflo says the demand for food hasn’t decreased but the cost has increased.

“It’s a double whammy hit. It is costing us more to get products, but yet more people have a need,” he said.

As food banks deal with the increase, an even bigger challenge is the surging food prices.

“We are putting more funds and even more resources into distribution and more funds and resources into purchasing,” Sceflo said.

He says the price increase on grocery store items is causing more people to turn to their local pantries which in return is causing food banks to strengthen it’s distribution.

“From a community standpoint, there dollar is not going as far so they now need more help,” Scelfo adds.

But he says that is easier said than done.

“From a distribution standpoint, it is double what we were doing last year,” says Scelfo.