Local family speaks out about how bullying can affect your physical health


October is National Bullying Prevention month and community members in New Iberia held a anti- bullying rally Tuesday to stand up against bullying. 

Aniyah Lewis, is a happy fifth grader who shared a poem at the rally.

Back in 2015 she was being severely bullied.

Her mother noticed something was wrong one night when she heard noises from Aniyahs room.

“My daughter was jerking, she was having a seizure. She was making noise and foaming from the mouth and this went on for about two weeks,” according to Monique Sam.  

She then took Aniyah to a neurologist who ran test and said her scans came back normal.

That’s when the doctor asked Monique if she had heard of conversion disorder.

“He said conversion disorder is basically when a child can go through something mentally and it affects their body physically. So although she was having seizures, although she was losing her eyesight, she had to wear glasses she began to wet herself, she was loosing her balance and several other things that go with the conversion order she dealt with.” 

Aniyah was also showing physical signs of distress from being billed at school.

“Bullying affected me because it felt like I was there to help me and it just felt like I was alone inside.”

Aniyah is now at a different school, and she no longer suffers from conversation disorder.

Her mother says it’s because of their strong faith in God and the support they received from their pastor, church community, and family that helped Aniyah through bullying.

“I learned how to deal with bullying her standing up for myself. Since I know who I really am I don’t have to worry about people clowning me or teasing me,” says Aniyah. 

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