Local family claims their home was demolished in an effort to clear blighted property in Church Point


CHURCH POINT, La. (KLFY)- A Church Point family is left homeless after the mobile home they were living in was demolished.
According to the Church Point mayor, the owner of the property wanted it to be cleared off, leaving the family with no place to stay. 

Holding back tears, Renee Guillory and her three children are left homeless after the trailer they were living in was recently torn down.

“I don’t see what the problem was because everything could’ve been talked about, instead of being put out just like this. We took a loss,” Guillory said.

Guillory says her boyfriend’s mom owns the property where the trailer was located.

Guillory appeared in court back in June when she says the town’s administration told her she needed to fix some broken windows and a dilapidated door inside the mobile home.

“I had got the stuff together to fix it. I just hadn’t had the time too,” added Guillory. “They come a second time telling us that we needed to get this together and finish it up so I’m trying but I’m only one person which as a single parent, I don’t have much income so I work on what I have.”  

“It came to the day where they told us that they wanted to tear it down, but I’m asking them why do they want to tear it down because the trailer has nothing wrong with it,” explained Guillory.

The saddest part Guillory says is she, her boyfriend, and her children, were living inside the trailer when it was demolished.

“I’m not understanding what the situation could be with this. It’s not that critical to put somebody off of land. I’m at lost for words,” Guillory said. “At this point, my kids are ready to come home and they can’t come home. There is no home.”
One nearby resident, Freddie Wheeler, said.,”To put a whole family out like that and tear down the house… It’s just cruel.”

Mark Humphries, another neighbor, said, “They ain’t got no place to go. It was cold out and they have no place to go. They tore down this trailer and everything. I said a prayer and everything for them.”

Church Point Mayor Ryan ‘Spanky’ Meche cleared the air, saying it’s unfortunate, but ultimately it was the owner’s decision.

“The owner of the property tore down that house. Not the city. The city did do it, but the owner of the property is who guided us to that and they paid for the dumpsters and the cleanup,” Mayor Meche said. “We did the work so we’re going to kind of get the blame, but the thing about it is is the owner of the property paid for everything to where we don’t have to put a lien on their property or anything.”

The mayor told News 10 he tried to get the Guillory family onto a list for the housing authority to find somewhere they could afford to live. He says they did not accept his offer.

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