Louisiana’s childhood obesity ranking has dropped.

Louisiana went from the number one state with the highest rate of overweight or obese children in 2011 to number eight in 2016.

Lafayette mom Anne Elise Doise says obesity is still a concern.

“I definitely think with the rise of technology and electronics in your kid’s hands at all times even at school at these days it is a concern with childhood obesity,” Doise says.

Pediatrician Dr. Scott Hamilton agrees: “They’re too busy with their video games and TV screens and on their phones and they’re staying indoors and they’re staying still.”

Doctors recommend kids turning off the screens and heading outdoors to get some good old fashion exercise.”

Hamilton recommends getting the whole family involved to make healthy exercise a habit.

“Taking the whole family on an adventure packing up the car, the whole family pack a picnic go out and spend the whole day. The kids have no choice because there’s nothing else to do,” the doctor says.

“Girard park, Zoosiana, Moncus Park….maybe make it a game get some family fit bit track your steps and make it a challenge so your kid makes it a competition I think that could be a really fun way to get your kids outside and involved,” Doise suggests.

Doctors and moms say when the weather is mild like it normally is here in Acadiana, there’s always a reason for kids to get outside and exercise.