Local company’s name being used in phony job offer scam


People across the country, including a local company, have fallen victim to an online scam.

Job seekers may have been offered a job by Ken Banks, a person claiming to work for Loadmaster Derrick and Equipment, now known as Loadmasters Industries.

Better Business Bureau of Acadiana president, Sharane Gott, says this scam doesn’t just hurt the public, but the company as well, “A victim company has to clear their good name of this you know by saying ‘oh it’s not us, it’s a scam.’” 

According to BBB, Loadmaster Industries, is aware that their old name is being used for the scam; they became aware when they began receiving multiple calls from around the country regarding a job listing.

This is how the scam works:

The victim fills out a job application, then scammers send a ‘check’ and instructions on how to deposit it. Applicants are then required to send back $500.

Gott says this was especially believable because of one thing, “The account, bank account number was correct as well as the company name, although the company name was an old name not an updated name.”

We reached out to Loadmaster Industries, but as of now, they have no comment. 

If you fall victim or have any information on a scam, contact the Better Business Bureau of Acadiana.

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