BROUSSARD, La. (KLFY) A group of Acadiana businesses are sharing safety information to essential businesses on proper cleaning and disinfection among COVID-19.

They are creating a  resource guide on how businesses’ can provide a clean workspace during the coronavirus pandemic.

President and owner of Deano’s Pizza, Tim Metcalf says the alliance has brought in Restaurant Tours, staffing people and experts in killing viruses and medical personnel to develop a protocol for businesses to follow.

The alliance is currently hosting workshops at Sibley’s construction company.

They set up a training facility, which included a mock office and kitchen, so trainees can demonstrate cleaning procedures. Kyle Sibley says the alliance’s workshops could help train cleaning agencies, janitorial services, and restaurant workers.

Lofton Safety’s business director Steve Ham says trainees would go through an eight hour class dealing with hands-on training where they would learn how to properly disinfect a room and how to wipe down various equipment. 

Sibley says this is important for any business because cleanliness is how to prevent people from getting sick. He also says with businesses preparing to re-open, it is mandatory for those spaces to have proper cleaning. 

He concludes that if the alliance can provide business owners with information as to where to find the best information, the best practice today, that’s a win.

The group is in the process of creating a database where any business can access COVID-19 disinfection information.