LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) Large trees that fell across Acadiana during Hurricane Delta are still blocking roads and resting on power lines, a few even smashed into homes.

News Ten’s Jiovanni Lieggi is live in Girard Park to talk about the type of tree causing most of the damage.

As Hurricane Delta quickly pushed through Acadiana, trees were uprooted and fell into roads, power lines, and houses.

While at this point, there’s isn’t much people can do but clean up, there are ways to keep this from happening again.

Kelly Hebert, a local arborist, said water oak trees were some of the most damaging trees to this area.

Hebert has been working as an arborist for over two decades.

She says the trees are only rooted several inches into the ground but weigh thousands of pounds.

Hebert says if you aren’t taking care of the trees and let them overgrow, you could be putting not only your life at risk, but those around you.

“90 percent of the times when it comes to water oaks, especially those close to houses I would suggest to have them removed.”

She explained: “It’s not a matter of when it’s going to come down, it’s a matter of we know it’s coming down. That preventive maintenance goes a long way and being able to sleep at night better when the winds are whipping,” Hebert said.