Litigant in lawsuit to remove Alfred Mouton statue from downtown Lafayette says offer has been made to the Daughters of Confederacy


LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) A litigant in the lawsuit to remove the confederate General Alfred Mouton statue from downtown Lafayette says an offer has been made.

Move the Mindset President Frederick Prejean says Lafayette’s city attorney made the offer to the Daughters of the Confederacy.

For many years, the DOC stood behind an injunction that the General Alfred Mouton statue, by court order, cannot be taken down from its Jefferson Street at Lee Avenue location.

“The city attorney offered to move the statue anywhere the Daughters wanted it placed, but it has to be off of public owned property,” Prejean SA

Prejean says the attorney for the DOC is to give a response to the settlement offer.

Move the Mindset has never supported the statue being torn down but rather placed where it could serve an educational purpose.

“This is obviously a closed conference call that’s taking place between the judge, the city’s attorney, the contracted attorney for the city, the Daughters’ of the Confederacy attorney and our attorney,” Prejean added.

A number of states have started to remove confederate statues or monuments from public property.

Some have been destroyed or relocated them to cemeteries or museums.

Just recently, the General Mouton statue was vandalized when its nose was cut-off.

Prejean says the pre-trial conference is part of the pre-trial process.

The trial is scheduled to begin July 26.

“There’s nothing unusual to have a pre-trial conference because that’s where the judge will ask everybody ‘Do you all want to make a deal?  Do you want to make a settlement before we go to court?’,” Prejean explained.

The city attorney, Gregory Logan in a letter to the court requested the injunction be dismissed due to the United Daughters of the Confederacy Chapter #1514 no longer existing as a juridical entity.

“Upon belief, Plaintiff no longer exists as a juridical entity.  As such, the injunction in their favor has since been abate and should be dismissed,” attorney Logan wrote. 

Read the full motion to dissolve, here

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