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Lewisburg family’s home destroyed in Bourque’s Hall fire


LEWISBURG, (KLFY)- A family is speaking out after the home they were living in was destroyed by fire.

The family lost everything and needs help.
According to reports, St. Landry Fire District #3 was dispatched to Leo Lane on July 24 in reference to a structure fire.

After the fire was controlled, officials reached out to the property owner who stated that she had hired someone to tear down Bourque’s Hall and burn it off to the side of the building.
Due to high winds, the fire got out of control, and caught the entire building on fire spreading onto the home that Shawn Juneau was renting.

“We went to bed. We all went to sleep, probably around 4:25 or something like that. Gail woke me up. She said smoke was coming in the house. So when I looked at the air condition,” Juneau said. “We had a window unit. It was pulling the smoke in. So when I looked through the curtain, the house was on fire.”
Juneau’s fiance, Gail Aggison, said she saw the smoke and knew the family needed to escape. “I told my fiancé that smoke was coming in so he said we got to hurry up and get out of here so we hurried up, got my son out the house.”
Gail’s son, Johnny Aggison, added, “They hollered at me again, and told me the house is on fire so I hurried up. I tried to get my dog, but he went in the back of the kennel. I couldn’t grab him so I just grabbed my shoes and I got out of the house and it was crazy.”

Juneau was able to get his dogs out of the house. He credits God for saving him and his family.

“That’s what had us still alive right now is God. Nobody else, but God,” he said.
“We have like I said nothing. It’s a horrible feeling,” said Gail Aggison. “We have to go through every day thinking what’s next. We don’t know.”

The family is staying in a local motel in Opelousas not knowing what’s next for them. 

If you would like to help out the Juneau family, here is a link to their GoFundMe page.

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