The Vermilion Parish School Board putting their leadership to the test.

The superintendent, president, and vice president offices all challenged in the meeting agenda.

There were 14 items on the agenda tonight, but three of them drew the most public comments.

First on the agenda, a lawsuit to enforce removing superintendent Jerome Puyau from his office during an investigation.

That motion passed, but he garnered much support from the public and a couple school board members.

“They have no right to send him home. We have to pay him if we send him home. Leave him here. Let him work,” said district B board member Chris Gautreaux.

Gauthreaux proposed a motion to change the leadership of board.

His motions to remove the president Laura Lebouf and vice president Kibbie Pillette from office failed, but much of the public still want changes.

“You were elected to handle the business of the district. And if you don’t get the message loud and clear that this is not what this board is doing,” said Brigette Campbell Winters, a concerned citizen who attended the meeting.