Leaders weigh in on scammers targeting the elderly


Leaders in Baton Rouge hosted a town hall meeting today to discuss elder financial exploitation. 

Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Director Mick Mulvaney say scammers are taking advantage of the elderly everyday and knowing how they operate is key to stopping them. 

Landry says, “What we’re finding is that one out of every 10 seniors is being exposed to some scam or another because normally we think of elderly abuse as physical abuse, right, but it’s much broader than that.” 

According to Mulvaney, scammers are stopping at nothing to target seniors. 

“The folks who are doing this to the older population will really do just about anything to get money and that’s what’s really surprising and that has been a consistent theme is that the depravity of these people knows no depths,” explains Mulvaney. 

Landry says scammers prey on the elderly. 

He says their office is consistently educating people on the current scams affecting seniors to help make the community safer. 

“We want them to be proactive. We want them to recognize some very clear signs because there’s a fundamental pattern to these scammers irrespective of who or what they’re looking for,” adds Landry. 

Mulvaney says it’s critical that seniors who believe they’re the victim of a scam to immediately report it and education is important in stopping scammers. 

“We’d love to get to the point where they will convince themselves it’s a waste of their time and money,” says Mulvaney. “The only reason they do this is because it works and if we could educate people to the point where it doesn’t work anymore then these folks are going to go someplace else.” 

According to Landry, there is a mandatory reporting law in the State of Louisiana so if you believe an elderly person is being abused through some sort of scam or fraud, you’re required to report that to law enforcement.

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