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Law enforcement agencies cracking down on illegal drug operations in Acadiana


We’ve seen drug arrests in Acadiana time and time again. Whether they come from an unexpected traffic stop, or a thoroughly planned warrant roundup.The most recent arrests were on opposite ends of Acadiana; in Mamou and Broussard.

Wednesday, Mamou Police got a call about drug trafficking happening in their town.

That night, they arrested a man with over 15 grams of meth.

Mamou PD then took to Facebook to post about the arrest. The chief sent a message to those trying to deal drugs in the town of Mamou, saying it will not be tolerated. He also encouraged citizens to report any drug activity.

Across Acadiana, in Broussard, police stopped a car for a traffic violation. Inside, they found 26 pounds of synthetic marijuana worth over $235,000.

BPD also took to Facebook to post about the arrest and ask residents to speak up if they know of any drug activity.

News 10 spoke to residents to see what they think of the department’s efforts to rid the community of illegal drugs.

Logan Riche, owner of Riche’s Y-Not Stop in Broussard, says he feels that by targeting drugs in the city, petty crime will decrease and the community would be better off.

“Having that lock-down on drugs will promote more businesses to open their business around here so they don’t have to deal with stuff like that. And I think it’s not only businesses but people building houses here and people moving here and raising their kids here. I think it will cause a domino effect on the whole economy.”

Riche goes on to add that community members helping law enforcement by speaking up.

“Especially in this community. We have such a great community here and you do not want that to be infested with any sorts of illegal drugs or anything like that. So I think the more resources they have, you know the more they can crack down, and I think the better off everyone will be.”

Mamou PD said in their post that people who wish to leave a tip can do so by calling the department at (337) 468-5221 or reaching them through social media.

For tips to Broussard police, you can call their office at 337-837-6259 or visit their website.

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