LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)- Lafayette’s new police chief expects his presence will be felt across the board, both in the community and at the department.

Chief Thomas Glover’s first full week officially started on Monday.

“I’m appreciative of the opportunity to serve the citizens of this great city,” Glover said.
He said he intends to make a difference and anything less would be a disservice to him and to the community of Lafayette.
“Making a difference doesn’t mean that you have a hidden agenda to destroy something it means I’m coming in with a positive and productive agenda to enhance. Our services will be enhanced,” the chief stated.
During the chief’s first days, there’s been a report of an LPD officer at the shooting range who shot a deer that wandered onto the property.
The officer reportedly shot the deer, cleaned the carcass on-site, and shared it with other officers who were present.
“Our internal affairs is going to conduct an investigation. When they complete it, I’ll know more about what took place and if there were any violations and what the violations are,” Glover explained.
Chief Glover also weighed in on the dismantling of the parks and recreation police patrol due to budget cuts.
He says there are other options.
“Installing cameras and putting up signs that the park is closed. Making access to the park a non-starting deal between ten at night and six in the morning; controlled access,” Glover added.
Glover also answered a question about the Trayford Pellerin shooting and the LPD officers who are currently on administrative leave.
“I know that the district attorney’s office is looking at it.  I believe it’s supposed to be presented to a grand jury this month but I haven’t received anything concrete on what the direction or what decisions have been made. I do know it’s going to be difficult for all parties involved,” the chief said.