LAFAYETTE, LA. (KLFY) – As news of the French Quarter mass shooting rang out around the country, KLFY was the first to tell you in a push alert that two of the victims were from Acadiana.

We now know there are in fact four victims from the area.

In fact, News Tens Emily Giangreco sat down and spoke with the family of two of the victims, Brittany and Deion Ben.

Its a story you will see only on Ten.

“I just wanna say I thank God that I still got my child, you know because I could have gotten a call saying she was dead.”

Jessie Ben received a call around 2 am Sunday saying her daughter Brittany and grandson Deion had been shot in New Orleans.

“When I got there the doctor told me that my daughter was shot five times, three times in the chest and twice in the arm. And my grandson was shot in the groin part and went through his pelvic and broke his pelvic bone.”

She immediately drove to New Orleans and while Brittany was released, Deion remains in the hospital.

“I thought they were going to tell me my daughter was dead, I just, you know, I didn’t know how to handle it. So I prayed all the way going to New Orleans. She’s home now but she’s still in a lot of pain and still has bullets inside of her.”

Jessie says Brittany saw the gunman and her first instinct was to protect her family.

“I think it started out as an argument and my daughter Brittany She seen the guy with the gun And poor baby she was trying to protect her nephew, pushed him out the way and she caught all the bullets and he caught one.”

And as she looks over her daughter, Jessie prays that the violence will stop.

“Stop all the killing, it’s not worth it. They shot an innocent little girl that don’t get no trouble, she’s in school, a good child. Trying to protect somebody else she caught all the bullets, I could have lost my child. She went out there to have fun, caught five bullets and she didn’t deserve that at all.””

Reporting in Lafayette, Emily Giangreco, KLFY News 10.

TAG: The Ben family says Brittany was admitted to a Lafayette hospital Sunday afternoon and will undergo surgery Monday morning.