Lafayette students allowed to only use cell phones for emergencies


LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – The topic of cell phones in schools is something that’s always changing.
It’s sometimes hard to keep up with all the new technology.

Just 2 weeks ago in St. Tammany Parish, the School Board voted to allow students to carry their cell phones on them to use in case of emergency.

The Lafayette Parish School System has a very similar set of rules.

“2 years ago, every week I’d get cell phone confiscation issues,” said Joe Craig, Chief Administrative Officer with the Lafayette Parish School system.

That’s when the School System took action, and implemented a new policy on cell phone use.

“We’ve gone from confiscation for days and weeks at a time, to now we confiscate it to de-escalate the incident, but parents can now pick up the phone that afternoon,” said Craig.

The first step in the disciplinary process is after school detention.
Craig says this new policy has dramatically decreased the amount of cell phone violations… 

There is an exception on cell phone use for emergencies…

“If you would happen to have an active shooter situation, kids are allowed to use their phones,” said Craig. 

Students are allowed to carry their phone in a pocket or backpack for example during the school day, and if a principal or administrator allows them to take it out and use it they can.

“They’re kind of responsible for them, so don’t leave your backpack unattended, don’t get caught using it (phones),” said Craig.

He says periodically principals come to them with new ideas about the use of cell phones in class.

The School Board has also considered ideas brought to them by students, that would allow upperclassman to use their phones in different zones on campus, but nothing has come from it yet.

“The high school kids tend to be a little more mature, they think it through, they’re not as spontaneous, they’re not quite that way in middle school,” said Craig.

For more information on the cell phone policy, visit LPSS’ website.

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