Lafayette, Shreveport listed top 10 obese cities


LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – In a recent study, Lafayette ranked in the top ten obese cities in the U.S., and residents say this comes as no surprise.

“We have a lot of good boudin and good food here, so I’m not that surprised,” said Diana Mouton, a Lafayette resident.

The study, conducted by WalletHub, listed Lafayette as the 8th fattest city in the nation.

The study looked at obesity, weight-related health problems, and healthy environments.

Acadiana Nutrition Group Dietitian Yvette Quantz said the rich culture of the area can make healthy choices difficult.

“We’re a very social culture. It makes it harder if you think you have to have a diet and can’t be social, or it’s all or nothing and that’s not the case.”

Several southern states ranked high on the list with Jackson, Mississippi in first place and Shreveport at number five. Putting two Louisiana cities in the top ten.

“The food is really great and it tastes really great but maybe isn’t exactly the healthiest,” said Cody Chambers, a Lafayette resident.

Quantz said there is nothing wrong with enjoying our local delicacies, but there should be limits.

“This diet mentality would have you go and not eat all day long because you want to save up for this crawfish boil. Then, if we save up, we get there we’re so hungry that we can’t say no to smaller portions.”

Quantz suggests fueling your body with the right nutrients before a big gathering that way you can enjoy the food but not over eat.

“A mindful and healthier and more nourishing approach would be to fuel yourself properly with good lean protein, vegetables, fruits before you go. When you get there, serve yourself a portion on a plate. So instead of just standing around eating actually serve yourself and sit down and enjoy it with the people you are with.”

Quantz also suggests adding movement to your daily routine and cutting out processed foods.

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