Lafayette residents speak out about recovery center in their neighborhood


Riverhouse is a sober living facility, in the River Oaks Subdivision, for men recovering from substance abuse. 

According to their website, Riverhouse is a for-profit small business focused on helping men overcome addiction.

River Oaks residents became concerned when they saw unfamiliar men walking through the neighborhood late at night.

“I’ve seen people ask about them. Who are these people in our neighborhood? I explain to them what’s going on down there,” says River Oaks resident Patrick Bohan.

Bohan has lived in River Oaks for more than a decade and says he has never had problems with the Riverhouse residents.

He says at times there are rashes of burglaries but to his knowledge, it has never been a neighbor committing the crime.

“It seems to be people coming from outside the neighborhood,” says Bohan.

Other residents had questions about the legality of operating a business within a residential area.

Riverhouse is listed as a sober living business with the Secretary of State but appears as a residence with the Lafayette Parish tax assessor.

News 10 reached out to Nicholas Holubik. the owner of the property on River Road since 2012.

He says he runs a tight ship, and many River Oaks residents agreed.

Holubik says if any of the 12 men living at Riverhouse uses drugs or alcohol, steals, is non-compliant, or is violent they will be kicked out.

When asked why he didn’t have an occupational license, Holubik said it was not required, citing the agreement he has with his residents and the Oxford House. Oxford House is a non-profit sober living facility that under federal guidelines, can be located in a residential area.  

However, Riverhouse is not in the Oxford System.

News 10 spoke to about a dozen people who live in the River Oaks subdivision and opinions were split down the middle.

Some people didn’t know the house was for recovering substance abusers. 

Others were outraged Riverhouse has been operating in their neighborhood.

Generally, the Fair Housing Act protects people with disabilities, including alcoholism.

After an inquiry, the Department of Planning and Zoning is investigating the facility operating in a residential area without an occupational license.

If there’s an ongoing issue in your neighborhood or community, or you have questions that need answers, Dial Dalfred at 262-0868.

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