LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) After more than 90 years standing high at the corner of Jefferson Street and Lee Avenue in downtown Lafayette, the Confederate Gen. Alfred Mouton statue has been removed.

Hundreds of people gathered at the site Saturday to witness the event.

Lafayette’s United Daughters of the Confederacy Chapter, which donated the statue to the city in April 1922, agreed to a settlement with the Lafayette Consolidated Government and a group of citizens seeking to move the statue.

The statue will be moved to a location not yet disclosed with the Lafayette Consolidated Government paying $20K to build a new base for the statue.

Mayor-President Josh Guillory, who was present at Saturday’s monumental event, applauded the removal.

“This is an historic day for Lafayette. This is a day that starts the process of healing for our community.”

“We didn’t have mobs of people that took a chain or a rope to tear down the statue. It’s not who we are. It’s not Lafayette,” Guillory said.

On Friday, Guillory released a full statement. You can read it below.