Lafayette police search for suspect who allegedly fired at least 10 shots at family sitting inside vehicle


The scene unfolded on Ginger Street in Lafayette late Saturday night.

The victim’s mother tells me her son was spending time with his family at her home.

Just after 9 p.m. he walked his girlfriend and their infant son to her car along with his girlfriends’ mother and grandmother.

While telling them goodbye, a man jumped out from behind a tree in the neighbor’s yard and opened fire on the car.

Shots broke through their the windshield and several bullets ricocheted off of the car’s dashboard.

Nearly ten shots were fired all missing the family, aside from one bullet that hit one man’s leg, witnesses said.

The victim’s mother told me that’s when she ran outside and found her son inching up the driveway, leaving a trail of blood behind him.

While the victim’s mother tended to her son and his girlfriends’ family, she saw a man sprinting away from their home down the road.

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