Lafayette physicians first in the state to utilize robot technology for spinal surgery


It’s a surgical spine robot, and the first of it’s kind in the state.

“In order to achieve more minimally invasive surgery allowing us to get patients up quicker, faster and more safely,” said Dr. Lon Barronne II.”In order to achieve more minimally invasive surgery allowing us to get patients up quicker faster and more safely.”
Louisiana’s Orthopedic Specialists and Park Place Surgical Hospital team up for the robot’s release.
Besides a handful of University hospitals, this is the first time in the world the doctors are using this form of technology in the world.
“For the patients, it’s bringing world class health care and technology advanced health care right here to the patients of Acadiana,” said Brandon Moore, CEO of Park Place Hospital.
Surgeons use stealth technology to guide the surgical instruments. They said the robot gives them pinpoint accuracy. 
 So how does it work? Surgeons take pictures before surgery to determine a plane of action, which is similar to a planned GPS route.
A rigid robotic arm then follows that route and guides the surgeon along that specific planned pathway in the spine.
“In a case that I used it for recently, it was a spinal instrumentation case, a fusion case where we had to put in roughly 8 screws,” Baronne said. “It allowed us to do so in about a third of the time that it typically takes.”
Surgeons say the robot also cuts down on a patient’s hospital stay, their recovery period and an overall improved quality of life.
“The robotic system allows us to achieve what we’ve been able to achieve traditionally with spine surgery, alleviating things like pinched nerves, back pain, leg pain, but it allows us to do so through more minimally invasive approach,” Baronne said.
The robot is now up and running. Doctors say this technology is the next step in patient care.
 “It’s going to be a really good thing for our patients and we’re excited about that,” Moore said. 

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