(Arkansas Gazette) Pastor Charles Banks just felt his life was ending after being thrown from his Sea-Doo personal watercraft in the middle of Lake Langhofer at Regional Park Beach.

An avid swimmer with over 30 years of riding, Sea-Doos didn’t matter to the currents that took Banks under after he made a wrong turn.

“I never thought it could happen to me,” said Banks, recalling the incident in the 30-foot deep lake. “When I made that left turn, it threw me, and when it threw me I tried to swim. I can swim but when I tried to swim, the water began to take me.”

On July 25, Banks spent approximately 30 minutes struggling in the water while onlookers stood on the bank unable to help.

Justin Hendrix, a Pine Bluff civilian, was passing by and recognized Banks needed help after the onlookers informed him of a possible man drowning.

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