YOUNGSVILLE, La. (KLFY) – The Youngsville Police Department is under investigation by the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office, confirmed by Captain John Mowell with LPSO. 

Attorney Rebecca LaSalle, who is assisting Attorney Pat Magee with Chief Rickey Boudreaux’s civil lawsuit, spoke with News 10 and said he is in the hospital and had to have an angioplasty Friday. 

In a statement, she wrote,

“(Tuesday night), Mayor Ritter did call Chief Boudreaux, asking him if he would consider resigning. Chief Boudreaux is not going to discuss the private details of the conversation; however, out of respect for the citizens of Youngsville, he is considering all options. Additionally, due to the toll of these malicious attacks on Chief Boudreaux, he was rushed to the hospital. After conferring with his cardiologist, he is now scheduled for an angioplasty (Friday). Out of respect for his family, he will not comment further. 

Attorney Rebecca LaSalle

According to reports on July 17, a Youngsville police department employee allegedly discovered a substance that tested positive for methamphetamine near the chief’s office. A search warrant was signed by Judge Royale Colbert, allowing LPSO to check the police department cameras and see how the drug got there. 

Chief Boudreaux has been the center of controversy since former councilwoman Kayla Reaux crashed her car in Sugar Mill Pond Subdivision. Following that, the city conducted an investigation into the police chief. The chief filed a lawsuit against the city, claiming they had no authority to do an investigation because he was an elected official and the city followed the Lawarson Act. 

News 10 reached out to the mayor to see how he wants the chief to resign, but we were told he was in a meeting, and we are awaiting a response.