YOUNGSVILLE, La. (KLFY) – In a two-part KLFY exclusive interview with Youngsville City Police Chief Rickey Boudreaux, the chief tells us he will fight to the bitter end.

The fallout stems from a car accident in Nov. that involved former councilwoman Kayla Reaux.  Reaux drove into a parked car and walked away with no citation or ticket.

Boudreaux said the lawsuit he’s filed in district court calls on a judge to declare the council’s planned investigation null and void.

The chief added the Larson Act dictates the mayor nor the city council can initiate an investigation against him as chief.

Boudreaux explained if he’s done something criminal, the council should reach out to other agencies to investigate such as the sheriff’s office, state police, or attorney general’s office.  

“There were enough people who knew about this wreck when it happened in November.  For them to take an approach that we didn’t know about this and this is horrible.  No, it’s not horrible!  It’s called an accident for a reason, it’s an accident,” Boudreaux said.

It’s the vehicle accident of Councilwoman Reaux that has put the reputation of the chief as an officer of the law in the spotlight.  

Boudreaux beckons the council to prove he pushed for Reaux to be treated differently because she’s a member of the city council.

“I find it premature to throw things out there that I did so bad; so bad when you said nothing, proved nothing, or even sat down and talked to me,” the chief added.

Also, Boudreaux’s $1,000 car allowance has been temporarily suspended.

The chief said when he started being required to drive to Baton Rouge four to five times per week, he asked for more money and got it.

“Either I have to give up the vehicle allowance and you’re going to have to purchase a unit for me or we have got to change this,” he said.

Thus far, the chief acknowledges about $18,000 has been given to him over time. That’s in addition to his $1,000 car stipend. Recently, the council voted to look into how much he’s received.

The chief regrets taking a handshake on the increase as opposed to getting something in writing

“I bought that vehicle for my enjoyment. I ended up in the 2016 flood being the lifesaver for us.  We were able to get around a little bit better because it sits up higher than any police unit.  I thought it was a great win for everybody until now,” Chief Boudreaux noted.

Boudreaux said he doesn’t take anything personally but admits the current situation rubs him wrong.

“I don’t own many things but my word and my reputation, the bank owns everything else, and I take pride in that.  When you attack me personally and you attack those values I hold dear, I’m going to fight and I’m going to fight ’til the bitter end,” explained the chief.