YOUNGSVILLE, La. (KLFY) – Youngsville Police Chief Rickey Boudreaux has filed a lawsuit against the Youngsville City Council.

The suit comes after the Youngsville City Council launched an investigation into the police chief following the controversial video of former Councilwoman, Kayla Reaux, allegedly getting special treatment after hitting a parked car in November 2022. Boudreaux is asking a judge to weigh in if the city has the rights to do an investigation into him. Boudreaux’s attorney, Pat Magee told KLFY News 10 when contacted about the lawsuit, “I can tell you that Chief Boudreaux is interested in getting a judge’s opinion on the course of action that the Youngsville City Council is trying to take in so far as investigating him is concerned.”

Youngsville City Council launched the investigation last month after video was given to the media of Reaux not getting a ticket or citation after hitting a parked car in November. The city charter follows the Lawrason Act. When KLFY News researched it, it states the city council does not have the power to do an investigation into the Chief of Police.

Youngsville City Council and the City Attorney are looking into hiring a law firm to conduct the investigation. A decision on that has still not been made.

Youngsville Mayor, Ken Ritter, told KLFY News 10, “I’m in support of Chief Boudreaux’s decision to seek a declaratory action. I’ve previously recommended that our City Council request the same. This is a prudent step as the law is unclear of whether a Lawrason Act City Council can conduct an investigation of a Lawrason Act elected Chief of Police. There are a lot of opinions, but a judgement will solidify the powers and rights of each party and may ultimately save time and money.”