LAFAYETTE PARISH, La. (KLFY) — The Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office has confirmed with News 10 that reports of a woman dressed in all black who stood in middle of the roadway, during thick fog, are true.

According to Sheriff’s Office Spokesperson Valerie Ponsetti, detectives responded to multiple calls about a woman who appeared despondent in the 2400 block of Riceland Road.

It happened around midnight Saturday, she said.

Over the weekend, News 10 received several calls asking if we were aware of the incident.

According to those reports, the woman was alone. Her head was down.

They told us that as cars approached, she did make any attempt to move.

“This woman just stood there. Her head down. I only narrowly avoided hitting her. The fog was so thick and I did not see her until the last second. At first I wanted to get out and ask her if she was okay, but I was too scared and it was so dark and foggy. I went around her and got out of the area and called police.”

A second person told us they had to hit a ditch to avoid striking the woman.

“I’m still shaken by what happened. My daughter was in the car with me and she’s been having nightmares.”

Ponsetti confirmed the reports and said when detectives arrived, they located the victim and was able to make contact.

“All I can confirm right now is that she was taken to a local hospital,” Ponsetti said.

She did not elaborate any further.