Lafayette, La. (KLFY) A disabled woman claims she has been without air conditioning since last week in her Willow Park apartment.

After reaching out to the building manager, Shelia Alfred says nothing is being done to handle this issue.

Alfred, who is partially blind and a diabetic, says she has been a resident at Willow Park Apartments in Lafayette for 13 years.

“It seems like they don’t care. I would like for them to do something about it, It is so hot.”

Alfred said she has experienced a heart attack and worries about her medication not being adequately taken care of at the right temperature.

Among dealing with her health, she said she has expressed to the management office about her air conditioner unit problems and says the temperature in her home feels around 80 degrees.

“It’s so hot in there. I got so dizzy I almost fell out of my wheelchair.”

She says its an unbearable experience, and its not the first time.

“I went through it before, so I know what I’m talking about. I’m in pain and it’s hot in the house.”

Another issue, she says, is the AC water leak that floods the apartment.

“They are fixing it, and it doesn’t last long. I have been without air since Thursday, he came to see about it; and then 15 minutes after he left it turned right back again flooding all over the house from the kitchen to the bathroom, my closet, and my bedroom.”

Alfred believes the main problem is the complex only has one person for maintenance and therefore the issue is never resolved. 

She says its only by her faith she has been making each day.

“I pray, day and night, and in the afternoon, I pray and ask the good Lord to help me pull this through.”

Our calls to the management office resulted in no comment.