LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — While it can seem like a hoax or a joke to some, Lafayette police say they are taking all school threats seriously.

At Lafayette High, classes resumed Tuesday with all students being checked through metal detectors before entering the campus.

“When it  comes to protecting our students and our schools we are on top of it every day.” Public Information Officer Sr. Cpl. Matthew Benoit said.

He said law enforcement officers are trained and prepared. 

Plus, he says, offices have the resources to deploy manpower and equipment.

“When you have situations like this that occur two days in a row essentially it’s taxing on students. It’s taxing on parents and the community. We always want to bring a peaceful resolution to these types of situations.”

Benoit says Lafayette Parish is fortunate to have officers and deputies assigned to every school.

“Not every community has that.  That’s one thing that should be reassuring to parents is that we have the officers and deputies out there.  They are there and working with the staff members at the school. They are working with the Lafayette Parish school board.  We are prepared and we train for things like this.”

Benoit promises investigations and repercussions such as possible federal charges when it comes to any threats that occur.