LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – The Lafayette Parish Sheriff Mark Garber shared how school resource officers handle school lockdowns.

With the amount of recent school lockdowns, Sheriff Garber wanted the public to be aware that the duty of a school resource officer is to help keep the lockdown in place. It is not to answer questions that prevent them from fulfilling their orders.

“Their job is not at that moment to answer questions about hypothetical situations or what may be happening or what is going to go on in the future,” Garber said.

This week alone, Acadiana High School went under lockdown twice.

On Monday, police say a threatening note was found. On Tuesday, a bus driver found four bullets on a bus seat. In addition, Paul Breaux middle school was put on lockdown this week after a bomb threat was made on social media.

According to Sheriff Garber, SROs are not responsible for giving out any information to the public about what is going on. He said they have been trained to have specific orders they must follow whenever a school is in lockdown.

He said, “They know what their job is. They have explicitly been well trained and they are worried about a threat to the safety of the children as well as the school faculty.”

Sheriff Garber said during a lockdown, he wants his SROs to be on the lookout for any threat coming into the school. He hopes spreading this message can help people know what the officer is doing.

“Hopefully by getting the word out about that, it alleviates some concerns and avoids some hurt feelings if parents can’t get answers right then and there from an SRO,” Garber said.

At the Lafayette Parish School Board meeting this week, District Attorney Don Landry also promised he will prosecute any students who make threats against schools.

He said once an arrest has been made, the juvenile could spend up to three months in a juvenile detention center or be placed under 24-hour house arrest with an ankle monitor under their trial.