LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Louisiana water companies are urging people to conserve water.  

KLFY Storm Team 10 Meteorologist, Chris Cozart figures it’s been about 12 years since the state endured a severe drought. “In 2011, that was the last time. We were going into droughts before but nothing as extreme as what we’re dealing with right now,” Cozart stated.

A severe drought can bring on the demand for water and the demand for water systems to provide. “The state is now considered in a drought and much of that is across Acadiana,” Cozart added.

In Coteau, Director of Water Works District No. 3, Brad Cradeur issues a conserve water notice due to its low storage supply tanks. They hope to build up water storage without overnight outages. “We need to have sufficient storage levels so that we don’t worry about running out of water in totality. Now we have never been too close to running out, but I also don’t want to burden the system and take unnecessary risks every day,” Cradeur said.

The Lafayette Utilities System (LUS) is working with other parish water providers to ensure the safety and reliability of the water system. “So that there’s enough water for fire protection first of all since that is super important, and for domestic use,” LUS spokesperson Heidi Tweedel explained.

LUS is asking residents and businesses to cut back on high water usage.

“Our system is fully functioning. We’re in full production. We’re still able to produce water for customers. We’re just seeing some of the side effects of people using automated sprinklers and filling up their pools,” Tweedel stated.