YOUNGSVILLE, La. (KLFY) – Youngsville Police Chief Rickey Boudreaux is retiring from his post for medical reasons.

Boudreaux told a Wednesday press conference that the decision to retire was made collectively, with the help of his cardiologist and his family.

“Five heart attacks, ten stents and the constant stress of this job has taken its toll,” he said.

Boudreaux had been the target of investigation, which he has tried to quash, by the Youngsville City Council. He has also faced recent allegations of harassing and intimidating a subordinate.

Boudreaux said those medical reasons were not the only ones for his retiring before the end of his term.

“With all the turmoil surrounding my working relationship with the Youngsville City Council, it has caused me to become an ineffective leader and only hurting the good men and women of the department and the citizens of the City of Youngsville by staying,” Boudreaux said.

Boudreaux said he did not make the decision alone nor lightly to retire.  

“After consulting with my cardiologist and after long conversations with my family we collectively concluded that a medical retirement is my only option,” Boudreaux said.

Youngsville Mayor Ken Ritter said Youngsville residents can expect professional law enforcement. Ritter explained that the leadership may have changed, but the service remains the same.

“I would tell the men and women of the Youngsville Police Department that we do support them, they do have an important role and we appreciate the work they do,” the mayor sent in a message to Youngsville police officers.

Boudreaux was first elected Youngsville police chief in 2014, when he ousted longtime incumbent Earl Menard. His present term was set to expire in 2026.

“I can honestly say I gave it my all,” Boudreaux said. “And all too many times sacrificing my family, my health and my overall well-being.”

“I tried my best. I apologize to anyone who thinks I’ve failed them,” he added.

Boudreaux said his retirement will be effective Aug. 21.

The mayor said he supports and respects Boudreaux’s decision to make his health a priority and an interim will be appointed by the council until a special election can be called.