LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Waitr announced on Monday it plans to transition to rebrand and change its name to ASAP. The notice follows Waitr two new major partnerships in recent days to add delivery of apparel, luxury, sporting goods, auto parts and more.

Carl Grimstad, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Waitr says the rebranding focuses on the future direction of our company in which you can get everything. “Our vision is delivering ‘anything’ to consumers, same day, from any type of business. With ASAP, we will bring our best-in-class food delivery services to a broader range of products.”

The company recently signed partnerships with two software logistics delivery providers, Elite Extra and Burq. The new agreements expand service for the company to deliver from retailers in multiple industries including aftermarket auto parts, electrical products, clothing, luxury, sporting goods and alcohol.

Customers can now see small changes with the addition of the ASAP tagline to its current logo, app, website and social postings. Later this summer, the new brand will debut, including the new ASAP logo, app and website. The company will also have a new stock ticker symbol aligning with the ASAP rebranding.

“We’re leveraging a wonderful opportunity to broaden our capabilities with new innovations and enhancements,” Grimstad continued. “The upcoming changes build upon and reinforce our outstanding reputation for the quality service we provide our loyal customers and partners.”

Waitr says this is just the beginning of the reimagination of the company, but assures customers won’t have to do anything different or additional when ordering their favorite foods from local restaurants during the transition.