LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — Lafayette Police are searching for the person(s) responsible for a hit-and-run crash that sent a vehicle plunging into a ditch.

The incident happened Sunday on Pinhook near Aymar Road in front of the Walmart.

Christian Romero, 22, and Hailey Domingue, 20, are now speaking out about the crash hoping to get the public’s help identifying those responsible. 

“Just left us there in a ditch upside down. The car could have caught on fire. We could not get out, anything could have happened, and it was just really scary.”

Romero says she was leaving work heading to her cousin apartment near Verot School Road when a driver travelling at a high rate of speed passed the stop sign and hit their white SUV.

“I am hoping that somebody sees him or spots him and is able to contact the police, and hopefully he is found because he does not deserve to get away with this at all,” Domingue said.

Three days later, and while grateful to be alive, Romero says she still has so many thoughts going through her mind. 

“There was no reason why he should have been going that fast in a Walmart parking lot and passed up a stop sign.” 

A passer-by who witnessed the crash called 911 and both victims were transported to a local hospital.

“My cousin said she smelled smoke burning and I was scared that we were going to catch on fire. I could not get the windows down and could barely get the door open.”

Romero said she had burns on her face from the airbags and that the left side of her body remains bruised and swollen.

“Yeah, my back and neck hurt but luckily no major injuries,” Romero said.

Following their release from the hospital, Romero said she visited the tow yard to inspect the vehicle damage.  

“We found a grille in the backseat and it wasn’t for our vehicle, and we also found a fog light and another piece off the front of his vehicle but we are not sure what piece it is. We do have a few other parts for his vehicle that we found in the tow yard.

She says she was unable to provide any description of the driver due to the tinted windows and cannot recall the make or model of his vehicle.

Sgt. Robin Green with the Lafayette Police Department said an investigation has determined that the truck is a 2013-2019 dodge pickup, however the color remains unknown.

She said police are looking at cameras in the area.  

If you know anything to help the case, contact police or Crime Stoppers at 337-232-TIPS.