LAFAYETTE, La (KLFY)– Senator Gerald Boudreaux and members of the Northside community gathered at Brown Park Thursday afternoon to voice their concerns and ask questions about the construction behind the park.

Sharing the concerns of his constituents, Boudreaux directed questions to Lafayette City Officials saying “We need to know upfront what’s phase one, when will it start? How long will that phase go? What’s phase two? How much will that cost? What’s phase three? And what accommodations have been made?”

Graham Brown Memorial Park, better known as Brown Park is under construction to be turned into a baseball and softball super complex. During the groundbreaking of the sports complex, there had been questions about how long the project will take to be completed, and where did the funding come from to build the new facilities. People who use the park like David George who coaches community football leagues said one of the concerns about the construction is the inconvenience.

“It’s a big inconvenience for a whole lot of people, most importantly the parents,” George said.

Boudreaux, along with others, mentioned the park will be beneficial once it’s completed, but the lack of communication from city officials and the lack of transparency on what is going on is a major concern. This raises another set of questions from the community on what they are to do in the meantime because the park plays a major role in youth programs.

“For our youth we’ve take one of the tools out of the box where kids could walk to practice and participate in programs,” Boudreaux said.

With an expected date of completion set for December 2024, Boudreaux and members of the community hope their concerns are taken seriously and their questions can be answered.

“On behalf of the 140,000 people that Representative Pierre and I interact with on a day-to-day basis, we’re not running from it,” Boudreaux said. “We want to know what the plans are.”