LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)– Two Lafayette residents will be featured in a video in Times Square highlighting individuals with down-syndrome across all 50 states.

Chloe Bellelo and Gia Vallone will be representing the entire down-syndrome community in the annual National Down-Syndrome Society video in Times Square.

Joey Vallone, Gia’s mother, said she is grateful her daughter will get to show everyone the person she is becoming.

“I know that she’s gonna do great things,” Joey Vallone said. “She has touched and shown so many people just what a rockstar she is, and I just feel blessed that the rest of the world gets to see her like I do.”

Tyler Bellelo, Chloe Bellelo’s mother, said they are thrilled to be in New York to acknowledge their daughter and others who have down-syndrome.

“We’re super excited to help celebrate the uniqueness and the beautiful things that individuals with down-syndrome possess, and so we’re happy to celebrate with them and with Chloe and our family of twelve who traveled from Lafayette to New York City,” Tyler Bellelo said.

Bellelo said Chloe is an incredible human being and said she would not change her for the world.

“I would not change Chloe, not one ounce of her for anything in the world, and the fact that she has down-syndrome makes her exactly who she is and she is an amazing person,”

The video will stream on Sept. 9 on the National Down-Syndrome Society Facebook page from 9:30 to 10:30 am ET.