LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Construction underway on new Truman Elementary facility, while also building excitement for the next school year.

Architect Brian Hebert believes the importance of the project lies with how it rethinks education and meets the needs of both students and teachers. “This project being one of the only new early learning centers in the state from the ground up we knew it was an opportunity for, not only the school system, but also the state and the nation.” says Hebert.

The planning for the $26 million facility included input from not only school board members and architects, but all those involved in a schools day to day operations.

“Our visioning team was a pretty large group and included everybody from school board members to teachers, security resource officers down to the custodians.”

A concern that the building plan addresses is how to safely manage buses and cars with traffic coming from N. University Ave. and W. Willow St. “In carpool, we have three stacking lanes on site making sure that we can maintain all of our carpool on site, with bus stacking on the left hand side of the property.”

The new facility also prepares for growth, adding a future learning center to fit over one hundred new students. “You can see in the middle on the left hand side there’s a shaded white area, that is a future learning community that we’re planning for so if we wanted to add another 120 learners to the campus we could easily do that and have the infrastructure to do so.”

With construction underway, Truman education center looks forward to opening it’s new doors in time for next school year. Construction began in July with a hopeful July 2023 completion, followed by an August 2023 opening for the school.