LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — Attorneys for the Pellerin family have released the results of an independent autopsy performed on Trayford Pellerin, who was shot to death by Lafayette Police on Aug. 21.

According to a release from Haley & Associates of Baton Rouge, Pellerin suffered 10 direct gunshots with two to three more wounds as a result of “projectile fire.”

Forensic evidence does not show that there were “multiple tries” to bring down Pellerin with the use of Tasers, as is being claimed by Lafayette Police. Pellerin was walking away from police officers when he was shot.

“The pathologist found absolutely no evidence on Mr. Pellerin’s body that he was ever struck by a [T]aser,” reads the release. “The pathologist likewise observed no defensive markings to suggest there was any sort of scuffle; instead there was only brush burns present on the knees as a result of falling to the ground.”

Download the autoposy report below.

The release also claims a total of 17 shots were fired. Ten struck Pellerin, four more struck the wall of the gas station where Pellerin was shot. Another hit the glass door of the station, which caused it to shatter. The release does not account for the other two shots.

“The different angles of these entry wounds indicate that there were multiple shooters,”
stated the release.

The independent autopsy also shows that Pellerin’s body had bruises consistent with being handcuffed, which would mean he was handcuffed after he was shot and was on the ground.

“It is a political and moral failing of our elected officials and the Lafayette Police that Mr. Pellerin’s family had to incur the significant expense of an independent autopsy simply to begin to get answers about why and how their loved one died,” stated the release.

Download and read the full release below: