LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — The new superintendent of the Lafayette Parish School System says he has a vision and a plan.  

Abbeville City Councilman Francis Touchet, Jr. served as interim superintendent after former superintendent Irma Trosclair stepped down. Recently, Touchet was permanently appointed by the board.

“I want to give thanks to my mentor that prepared me for this Mrs. Irma Trosclair. She and I worked together side-by-side over the last four years.  A lot of what I know as far as moving forward, I have to give great thanks to her,” said Touchet.

In terms of a vision and plan, Touchet intends to focus on communication with the help of a committee to reach out to stakeholders quarterly.

“Also receive feedback in order for us to be able to make Lafayette Parish the best it can every be,” Touchet mentioned.

Currently, Touchet is an Abbeville city councilman elected to six consecutive terms.  He’s a Abbeville’s Mayor Pro Tem and finance chairman for the last 21 years.  

“I think we have been fiscally responsible with the taxpayers’ dollars. We have done great things as far as doing what we can with the money we have available. It’s always been my focus in life is that we are going to be very proactive,” said Touchet.

There are some decisions to be made about his council seat as he embarks on being the superintendent of Lafayette Parish schools.

“Right now, we are researching what that would look like. It’s a decision of something of which we would come to later,” Touchet explained.

Touchet says he was told that he was the only applicant.  He said he has no control about that but again he’s just glad the board saw him as the person they wanted to move forward with.

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