LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Along with the great music and delicious food, the Festivals Acadiens also brings artists together from all over the country to showcase their work.

The President of Louisiana Crafts Guild Andre Juneau told News 10 that “All of our artists from all over the country come to see us. It’s kind of Louisiana themed but we have people coming from New Orleans and Tennessee and Mississippi and Texas just to come in and be Cajun for the weekend.”

One of these artists is Bebo, from Nashville, Tennessee.

“Everybody is bringing their best folk art or the best art out that they have. We have all kinds of art out here from folk to Americana, you’re not going to believe it it’s a great collection of artists from the Louisiana crafts guild,” Bebo said.

Artists at the Festivals Acadiens love bringing families together through the arts.

Bebo told News 10 that “For me, I find that a lot of people come out with their families and bring their kids by, and the kids get inspired they want to make stuff. And that’s what it’s about, inspire people to love god and love your neighbor.”

Juneau also added, “Oh definitely bring your kids and come show stuff. We love having kids, and kids can be 90 years old too, that’s allowed.”

Artists here at the festival see this weekend as a chance to find inspiration and even inspire new artists to join them next year.