LAFAYETTE, La (KLFY) — The Cajundome Convention Center is hosting the 2022 LAGCOE Energy Festival and will feature multiple new inventions.

The LAGCOE Energy Festival will feature new inventions for the community to see what is new in the world of technology and energy.

This marks the 67th year LAGCOE has put on the festival. Though Covid took its toll on the festival’s schedule LAGCOE executive director Sara Bourque told News 10 that she is excited to be back in Lafayette.

“Traditionally, the show has always been on odd years. With Covid and the pandemic, we had to change it to even years, and it through everybody off a little bit,” she said.

After traditionally focusing on just the oil and gas industry, LAGCOE has now included all forms of the energy industry at the festival.

Bourque said that they “have expanded to foster those new partnerships and relationships with all forms of energy. So, we are excited to have different forms featured on our show floor.”

“We have solar companies. We have some renewable companies here showcasing the synergy of energy within the state,” she said.

Bourque is excited about what is to come for the future of the industry as it continues to expand to new heights.

“This industry is ever-evolving and changing so it has been an exciting ride.”

The new and improved technology being shown here provides the economy with what is to come for a better and more innovative future in the world of energy resources.