LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – The City of Lafayette has over 100 law enforcement officers in town for “Street Survival’ training.

The training is being hosted by Lafayette City Marshal, Reggie Thomas, and his team and is being instructed by the world-renowned training organization, Calibre Press.

The training prepares these officers to make sound, legal and reasonable decisions under stress.

Marshal Thomas said “Street Survival” is a nationwide training.

“They show videos of other officers who did not handle stress well. We talk about how it should have been handled or how it could be handled better,” Marshal Thomas stated.

One deputy marshal explained the challenge of responding to a call.  The stress begins as soon as you arrive.  

“It’s the unknown. We don’t know what to expect.  That’s why when you see most cops coming and they’re at a high of stress.  It’s just getting there, trying to be relaxed and trying to be calm.  It’s dealing with the unknown. That’s the worst thing about doing what we do,” Patt added.

Lafayette City Deputy Marshal Jacob Thacker has been with the Marshal’s office for four years.

Thacker agrees the unknown is truly unknown.  

“Whenever you’re doing a stop or getting out at a convenience store you have no clue of what obstacles you may face or what surprises you may get at any point and time,” Thacker said.

The training acknowledges the stress officers face when they are called to a scene.  

“You see some of those things in the videos that we have been watching and power points that we’ve gone over; where you can make those adjustments now because it hasn’t happened yet,” Thacker stated.

The training continues through Tuesday, March 21.