LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Lafayette High School (LHS) went into a precautionary lockdown today and two arrests have been made after a threat was made to several students and staff via social media.

The school went into precautionary lockdown around 9 a.m. Lafayette also said that while officers were on the scene, the 911 call center received a call stating that there was a student on campus with a gun.

Authorities secured and searched the campus while school buses were staged at Cajun Field on the UL campus in preparation for the release of students at the normal time.

Around 2:18 p.m., LPD confirmed the situation at LHS had changed from lockdown to shelter-in-place, and around 2:55 p.m., the shelter-in-place was lifted and students began to leave the campus.

According to LPD, a student of LHS was detained and interviewed before being arrested and booked into the Juvenile Detention Center on a terrorizing charge.

Another juvenile who was not involved in the incident was arrested for trespassing after walking onto the LHS campus during the lockdown.

LPD said that the investigation is ongoing, and anyone with information is urged to contact LPD at 337-232-TIPS.

School will resume normal operations on Tuesday, Oct. 4 with additional law enforcement present, according to the Lafayette Parish School System.

The threat originated in a tweet from a Twitter account recently created called @hatelhs. The tweet read “I’m tired of Lafayette high school and I’m here to retaliate.” It also stated, “Tomorrow evening at 12:16 pm I’m killing,” and then listed several students and staff members.

“I wanna kill my mom! I wanna kill my dad! I wanna kill my grandmaaaaa,” the tweet continued.

Below is LPD explaining the lockdown around 12:25 p.m.: