LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Many of the latest school threats started from burner accounts on social media, but the Lafayette Sheriff’s Office has plans and people in place to approach these threats.

Garber said the Sheriff’s Office has a dedicated intelligence unit for these situations.

“There are specific detectives who are dedicated just to the school resource officer program and they are very good at what they do,” said Garber.

The task force detectives responsible for finding the origin of these threats depend on tips from others. With the help of the public, detectives have successfully prevented many other possible threats before they were able to occur.

“We debunk a lot of these that the public never ever hears about,” Garber said. “You do not even know how many times we have stopped people from bringing guns to school. We have stopped incidences from happening because somebody says something. We can keep this confidential in almost every case.”

According to law enforcement, individuals making social media threats to school campuses could face a charge of terrorism. Sheriff Garber said because of the protocol and authorities in place, people will not be able to get away with it.

“There will be consequences,” Garber said “I promise you that. We will most likely figure out who you are. No matter what steps you take to cover your tracks, we will most likely figure it out because we will vigorously investigate it and we are good at it. You will probably get expelled from school. You will probably face criminal charges and it will be a burden on yourself and your family.”