Lafayette, La. (KLFY) —  A Lafayette man is seeking answers and justice after his wife, Leslie Tolliver Johnson died following a drive by shooting.

News 10 first reported police responding to the 600 block of Hammond Road in reference to a person who had been shot while inside a home.

“She didn’t deserve this. She was gunned down. It needs to stop,” Felton Johnson said.

Johnson is the victim’s husband.

From the back of the home, bullet holes covered the walls, furniture, mirrors, home decorations, and more.

“They found 50 shells, and out of 50 shells, she got hit by 13 of them,” Johnson said.

He says he was in a bedroom with his wife preparing for bed and that his 15-year-old daughter was in her bedroom which is near the front of the home when the gun fire erupted around 1 a.m. on June 27.

“Before you could even count to 60, that’s when all the gunshots came,” Johnson said.

He explained that he and his daughter were able to take cover on the floor of their bedrooms.

Johnson says evidence of the shooting remains in the house where bullet holes remain in the bathroom, living room, the guest room where their pet parrot was and in their daughter’s bedroom and his bedroom.

He believes his home was wrongfully targeted and says it was two people shooting at his home as the bullets came from all different directions.

Lafayette Police Spokesperson Sgt. Robin Green said the department is reviewing tips and videos they have received from canvasing the neighborhood.

“At this point right now we are asking the community to come together and assist us with trying to bring this senseless crime to an end.”

The Lafayette Police department has a new system that allows you to submit videos from your homes anonymously. However, people must contact the police department to receive the link directly.

“We will send them a link for evidence dot com, and that is something that we have now where people can upload video straight from their system and send it to us,” Green said.

Anyone with information can also call Crime Stoppers at 337-232-TIPS.