LAFAYETTE PARISH, La. (KLFY) — The tearing down of seven condemned properties in Carencro will soon get underway.  

“No, it’s not a crackdown. It’s something we’ve been working on for a year. There were a lot of legal hurdles to get through in this process,” Carencro City Manager Don Chauvin said.

Chauvin explained that anyone with interest in the properties should act now.   

He says as of today (Aug. 31), there are 45 days remaining to ask the city to stop the demolition.

“We didn’t jump in the truck and go riding around pointing out houses. All of these houses have been a constant burden on the city, and the neighborhood.”

For instance, Chauvin said, the city had to hire an attorney to stand in for absentee property owners.  

“An attorney to say yes that all the paperwork was done right and it’s now legal to take action on the properties.”

He says the seven properties to be demolished are in deplorable condition.

“There is mold and the utilities and all the wiring have been stolen. They’ve been stripped out and they are abandoned.”

Chauvin said there is even a condemned home on Bradford Drive that has been infested twice with bees, the carport is falling off and the roof is badly damaged which is a clear public safety hazard.  

“The neighbors have reported them over and over again.  It was just us working through the process and I’m delighted to say we finally got through it all,” Chauvin added.

Demolition of the listed properties is permitted to begin on October 15, 2022.