LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — Dist. 24 State Sen. Gerald Boudreaux has responded to last week’s dismissal of Dist. 44 Rep. Vincent Pierre as the chairman of the La. House Transportation Committee.

Dist. 44 Rep. Vincent Pierre

Pierre was one of two La. House Democrats removed from leadership positions as part of the fallout of July’s failed veto legislative session. Rep. Chad Brown, a Democrat from Plaquemine, was also removed as chair of the House Insurance Committee.

Boudreaux released the following statement earlier today:

“Leadership is an action, not a position.”

While I am disappointed, I am not surprised by the recent decision to remove Rep. Pierre as the Chairman of the House Transportation Committee. Titles and positions are temporary and that is why we measure the effectiveness of our elected officials by their commitment to service.

I submit to the residents in House District 24 that Rep Pierre has and will continue to demonstrate the commitment to service that he has displayed since being elected in 2012. The same leadership that allowed him to be selected by his peers to serve as the Chairman of the Acadiana Caucus from 2015-2017.

Senate District 24 encompasses several House Districts and I will work collaboratively with Rep. Pierre to ensure that the constituents of House District 24 continue to receive and have access to all state resources with or without any titles or positions.

As Governor Edwards recently said, “You cannot take politics out of politics.” This is not the first time a committee chairperson has been replaced in the middle of a term and it will not be the last time this action is taken. We recognize the fact that the appointing authority (Speaker of the House) is the final arbitrator on committee assignments. We acknowledge being selected as a committee chairman is notable, but more importantly, displaying the commitment to service on behalf of the people you represent is honorable.

Dist. 24 State Sen. Gerald Boudreaux

Later in the afternoon, Pierre released the following statement:

While I am disappointed in the decision of being removed as Chairman of the House Transportation Committee, I am thankful for the opportunity to be able to serve Acadiana and our great state of Louisiana. If it’s one thing I’ve learned during my years of serving in the legislature is that our infrastructure challenges know no political boundaries. So while I may no longer hold the title of Chairman, I will continue to work with my legislative colleagues, local and state leaders, to enhance infrastructure throughout Louisiana. 

Dist. 44 State Rep. Vincent Pierre