UPDATE 2/14/23 6:14 A.M.: According to Lafayette DOTD, the exit ramp is now open. Traffic is minimal as of 1 a.m.

UPDATE 2/13/23 4:50 P.M.: Interstate 10 East Bound exit ramp in Duson remains closed while emergency crews continue to contain and to transfer the acrylic acid leaking from an overturned tanker.

The interstate remains open in both directions, however this exit ramp will remain closed for several more hours.

Emergency crews on scene include Duson Fire, Duson Police, Lafayette Fire Hazardous Materials Unit, Louisiana State Police Hazardous Materials Unit, Department of Environmental Quality, Gerald’s Towing and Transport Company Representatives.

ORIGINAL: DUSON, La. (KLFY) – I-10 East bound exit ramp 92 in Duson , LA is closed due to an over turned 18 wheeler tanker which is leaking Acrylic Acid.

Acute exposure to acrylic acid can cause redness, swelling, and tearing of the eyes, runny nose, scratchy throat, coughing, and difficult breathing.

Duson Police and Fire are working with Lafayette Fire Hazardous  Materials Unit and Louisiana State Police Haz Mat Unit to coordinate a safe transfer of the material and containment of the spill.  

Twanna Foster, a truck driver, said “I was coming down the little frontage road right here to get to the truck stop, on the phone with my mom. And I saw him coming, and I saw him flip. I immediately called 9-1-1 and said I’m advancing toward the truck to give you more information.”

Foster stayed with the driver and helped calm him down while waiting for first responders, even calling his boss to inform him of what happened.

When the fire department arrived, they quickly got to work.

Coby Duhon, Duson Fire Chief, said, “When we got on scene, we actually had to extricate the driver. Because he was still in the cab, we had to extricate him pull him out and put him off safely. From there, when we identified what the chemical was, we were able to maneuver our equipment around get our personnel that we needed from Lafayette Hazmat.”

The chemical leaking from the truck was acrylic acid, this required extra care to handle from the hazmat team.

Chad Sonnier, Lafayette Fire Department Hazmat Chief, said, “The main problem with acrylic acid is it is extremely flammable as well as a skin contact hazard. We had to make sure our guys were wearing their proper protection to make sure they don’t get it on them and get a chemical burn.”

Cause of crash is under investigation by the Duson Police Department. The driver of the truck has been transported to Lafayette General Ochsner Hospital for treatment of non life threatening but serious injuries by Acadian Ambulance Medics.

Currently Interstate 10 remains open in both directions, only the exit ramp east bound is closed. Due to presence of emergency vehicles traffic is slowed in both directions.

The ramp is expected to be closed for 8 hours.